The Old Village Association

Welcome to the Old Village Association

Eliphamet's Lane, 2020

Eliphamet's Lane, 1918

Join us today! The Old Village Association was formed in 1997 to preserve and protect the historic nature and architectural beauty and integrity of the Old Village area of Chatham, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. It is operated exclusively for charitable and educational purposes, and is a 501C(3) organization under the Internal Revenue Code. A Board of Directors governs the Association. An annual meeting of its members is held once a year, usually at the end of August.

The Association plays an active role in the neighborhood by advocating for preservation interests and keeping alive the rich and varied history of the area and its people. In 2001 the Association was co-sponsor with the Chatham Historical Commission in successfully applying to place the Old Village on the National Register of Historic Places. It publishes a newsletter twice a year, and from time to time develops other online and written materials on the Old Village and its people. The Association also hosts annual Wine and Cheese get-togethers and the community's favorite Village Kids For Food Drive fundraiser.

Membership in the Old Village Association is open to anyone who is interested in supporting the purpose and goals of the organization. We welcome your participation!